Wild Ride, Las Vegas Weekly Interview

In an effort to boost donations for my charity fundraiser I did an interview with Las Vegas Weekly.  I thought I would share it here if anyone wants to check it out.  And please, if you are feeling philanthropic, consider making a small donation to my charity fundraiser (https://www.crowdrise.com/thescenicroutetospain).  Here is a link to the article:

Las Vegas Weekly Article: Wild Ride

Just completed some CRAZY adventures and will post about them soon.  Until then…


2 thoughts on “Wild Ride, Las Vegas Weekly Interview

  1. J,
    Friend of your dad, nina(works at merlin). want to get in touch with you
    about your (latest) travels.
    I was in japan in may, and just spent 3 weeks in thailand,vietnam, and laos.

    1. Hello! I hope you liked Southeast Asia, I have been a couple times and love it. Next time are in that part of the world you must try and get to Burma, it is my favorite of those countries. The people are amazing.

      Keep traveling, be safe. As for me I live in Barcelona now. If you pass through we can share a beer.


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