About Me

untitled shoot-001Long before I started this blog I was already off living great adventures in amazing corners of the world. I spent half of my twenties searching for the end of my comfort zone always happy to find it expanding and expanding. I remember during this time of my life how many times I heard from older people how good it was that I was living my life this way, getting this all out of my system while I was so young and full of energy. And I remember always smiling and nodding in affirmation but inwardly thinking to myself “Yea, I’m not so sure this is something that I am going to ‘Get out of my system'”. But I was still young, and thought who knows, maybe they are right, maybe after this next trip I will feel the need to settle down and follow the conventional path. But after each trip I only found myself thinking about how to make the next one possible.

Eventually I realized that I was addicted. Not just to travel and all the exciting things you see and amazing people you meet along the way, I was addicted to personal evolution, and I had discovered that travel was my fast-track to learning about myself while at the same time learning about how the world works, beyond the bubble of the life I was born into. It was shaping me in positive ways, I was shedding preconceived ideas, inherent prejudices, and cultural misconceptions. I was gaining empathy towards the struggles that others (and our planet) endure and a better understanding of the flaws in our humanity that create these struggles. And somewhere along the way I decided that as long as travel continues to do these things for me, I will continue to pursue this life of travel and exploration…. of the personal, interpersonal, and global kind.  And here I am! Still on the road 🙂

Barcelona Spain is my homebase, but I am always planning my next escape.

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