About Me

I’m a traveler at heart, I find happiness in being in strange places, pushing the limits of my comfort zone, immersing myself in new cultures, and rediscovering humanity. Currently home is Barcelona.

I like chocolate éclairs, libraries, bees, shooting stars, people, trains, hot sauce, airports, and mosquito nets.

I shipwrecked off the coast of Panama in the middle of the night while trying to hitchhike from Colombia to Cuba on a sailboat

I lived in a VW Bus named Coco that I bought in Brazil…taking 3 months to drive it 8,000k from Southern Brazil to The Amazon

Brasil (541 of 664)
With Coco on a beach in Central Brasil
France 2011-493
Grape Picking

I worked for a season picking grapes in France

I worked on a cruise ship in Alaska

I worked as a waiter in a restaurant in New York City

I worked for an NGO in one of the largest slums in New Delhi

I worked on a goat farm in North Carolina

China Best (31)
Making bubbles on the streets of Hong Kong

I worked (sometimes just played) as a street performer making gigantic soap bubbles in China, New York, Italy, Spain, Burma, and Denmark

I became quite the motorcycle mechanic

I have learned to find the “adventure” in all the little challenges that a traveler must face

One trip I started in 2010 was supposed to last 2 years, It lasted 4 😬

I snuck across the border of Paraguay with the help of a 10 year old “coyote” (smuggler)

I summited high mountain peaks all over the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

I have visited countless old friends all over the world and made countless new ones

I was saved by the kindness of strangers many many times leaving me confident that humanity is alive and well in our world.

I bought a 35 year old motorcycle in New Delhi, India and drove it 20,000k through India and Nepal and all the way to Spain.  Her name is Bala.  The road was long and looked something like this:

Tajikistan Pamir Highway Wakhan Enfield
The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan (That’s China off to the left)

I bought a car named Herbie in Germany and lived in that for a few months, driving it through 6 countries

Me and Herbie in the Black Forest of Southern Germany

I slept on top of an 800 year old castle tower in Italy

I slept on beaches in Mexico

I slept in the streets of Marseille

Waking up with the sun
Waking up with the sun on a mountaintop in Spain

I slept on mountains in Spain

I slept in an abandoned buildings

I slept under the stars….LOTS of nights

I saw people living in abject poverty and people spending thousands of dollars on one bottle of wine and I work on trying to change that

With my monk buddy hanging on to the roof of a truck in Burma

I drank white beer in Belgium, Bordeaux in France, café con leche in Spain, Guiness in Dublin, green tea in China, rum in Cuba, chai in India, and aguardiente in Colombia

I rode on the top of a truck with two monks through the highlands of Burma

I met thousands of people….dreamers, artists, liars, lovers, movers, shakers, believers, leaders, losers and lunatics

I hitchhiked from Vancouver, Canada through Washington, Idaho, and Oregon

I became quite certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that life is an incredible gift and to waste it an incredible sin

I hitchhiked 1,200 kilometers across Argentina

Hitchhiking somewhere in central Argentina
Hitchhiking somewhere in central Argentina

I hitchhiked from New York City to Savannah Georgia

I hitchhiked on sailboats from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean.

I spent 5 days in the hospital with my brother in Colombia after he contracted some sort of jungle fever while we traipsed around in the Amazon.

I created a goal of raising $25,000 for charities.  To donate or learn more CLICK HERE

While on a mountaintop in the Pyrenees I saw almost 20 falling stars in one night

I ate green curry in coconut milk in Thailand, bagels in New York, aged goat cheese in France, pizza in Italy, fish and chips in London, tacos in Mexico, feijoada in Brazil, chapati in India, Sichuan hot pot in China, lagman in Kyrgyzstan, blini’s in Russia, and gado gado in Indonesia. I learned that I am a foodie

Very much in the middle of nowhere – Siberia

I kayaked down a super remote river in Siberia that had only been kayaked by one other person.

I met the perfect travel partner, who was my navigator and companion for 10 months, all the way from India to Spain and has joined me in quite a few of my adventures since

I bought a motorcycle named Billie-Jean that I rode through Italy, Spain and Southern France.

I bought another motorcycle in Mongolia named Khan….another in the Philippines named Bernie, and one in Indonesia named Indie. None of them were over 150cc and none cost more than $1000 but all of them brought me to amazing places

With Kahn the motorcycle – Mongolia

I hope you are well as you read this, wherever you might be in the world!

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