Asia On Two Wheels

Hello fellow travelers (the boots on the ground and the vicarious types)!  For those of you who were following the Delhi to Barcelona journey and who wondered if I was still somewhere on the side of the road in Turkey or perhaps Kosovo with hands covered in motor grease trying to fix Bala….well, I have good news to report, we crossed the finish line.  Twenty countries and 12,000 kilometers on an ancient Royal Enfield motorcycle.  And it only took 5 months 😉


I made Barcelona my home, or at least my second home, and it is where I have spent the last two years.  But home for me is still the road, and it wasn’t long before it was calling me again.  So here I am in the Philippines.  New part of the world.  New motorcycle.  New challenges.  New adventure.  So what’s the plan this time?

Here is my rough itinerary:


As you can see, not so methodical.  But who needs plans when you have whims?   I don’t even know where I will be in 3 days.  But I’m sure it will be cool.

I think some famous guy once said that no adventure is complete without a motorized companion.  I second that.  So allow me to introduce Bernie, my two wheeled adventure buddy.  If you could throw a saddle on an Asian typhoon, the power you would be wielding would feel something like Bernie putting all of his 125CC’s into high gear.  He might seem scrawny, but he’s got grit.

Me and Bernie, somewhere in Northern Philippines

As you can imagine, there is a story behind how we met.  That will come in a subsequent blog post.  For now I just wanted to introduce the journey.  I’m just getting started so not much yet to report.  But stay tuned!

CLICK HERE to go to the next post with the full story on my Philippine adventures.

PS:  Got a friends birthday coming up?  Consider helping my charity fundraiser by making a donation in their name as a gift (choose from issue of poverty eradication, cancer research, environmental protection, or human rights).  I can even mail them a postcard from here, just shoot me a message!



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