Floating Through the Peruvian Amazon

Well after a long break from the blog I’m back and going to try and catch up with myself in my current location; which, as I type happens to be a cafe somwhere on the Meditereanen Sea in the South of France.  But rewinding (alot) you would have found me and my brother Tyler seeking adventures in the Peruvian Amazon.  He met me in the Amazonian city of Iquitos back in May where we embarked on a 6 day jungle trip that took us WAY into the Peruvian Amazon…much deeper into the the jungle than most people go.  In fact it took us two days by boat just to get to our base camp.

I unfortunately dont have the photos from this adventure with me here in Europe to post them and for that reason and for the sake of trying to catch up here quickly I wont write about all the adventures.  Some day  when I have access to them Ill put the photos up with some captions.  But suffice it to say it was a very “adventurous” adventure that included hours and hours spent in canoes (the river was flooded…at its highest level in over 10 years), hunting jungle turkeys, night excursions, piranha fishing, and a missed transport boat that resulted in a two day scramble to extricate ourselves from the jungle. It all ended in an Amazonian hospital in Colombia where my brother spent 6 days recovering from some crazy jungle infection.  Yea, quite the adventure.  What I do have for you is a little video that I threw together quickly with some scenes shot during the long trip into and out of the jungle where our base camp was located.  Sorry the content is not so great but it gives an idea of what we were seeing for the days we were out there. So, until next time, here’s a little taste of the Amazon: