Song Kul Lake. Video Short.

Song Kul Lake Kyrgyzstan

We climbed up and up…to 3,500 meters (11,500 feet)…Bala began to suffer, crawling up the hills…a mechanical issue we thought we had taken care of back in India was back.  The destination: Song Kul Lake.  4 days, hundreds of kilometers of muddy and icy dirt roads, 5 river crossings, a few dozen yurts, hundreds of sheep and horses, and almost NO PEOPLE!  there are only a dozen or so families of Kyrgyz nomads that inhabit the lake.  The day we left Song Kul we drove for 5 hours before we saw another car.

I didn’t have time to put together a full blog report yet on our time in Kyrgyzstan before we head off today to cross the Tajikistan border, but I thought I would share this little collections of video from our time around the Song Kul region.

PS: If you are in the charitable mood don’t forget my fundraiser…donate to causes like conservation, worldwide poverty, and cancer research and I will send you a postcard from somewhere along the way as a thank you…more details on how to donate by CLICKING HERE.  See you in Dushanbe.


3 thoughts on “Song Kul Lake. Video Short.

  1. watched three times, your smile after the last river crossing says it all.. LIFE’S CHALLENGES ARE TO BE ENJOYED. Love Dad

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