The People of the Kathputli Slum, Delhi…A Photo Album

Greetings from Goa.  As I write this the sun is setting into the Arabian Sea just beyond a beautiful white sand beach.  Life is good.  A little vacation from the full-on adventures of life on the road.  (Just completed 1,500k (1000 miles) )  I will post stories and photos from those adventures soon.  But in the meantime I thought I would post some pictures from the time I spent while working in the Kathputli Slum in Delhi.


Many foreigners would come to visit the free schools and other projects that the NGO I worked for runs in the slums.  Local residents of the slums are not shy and would Kathputli-slum-new-delhi-india-artist-slumoften ask to have their picture taken so they could see it on the digital viewfinder of the camera afterwards.  I thought that they might appreciate actually having a printed copy of the photos so after a couple people asked me to take their photos I later printed them out, found them in the slum days later, and delivered the pictures to them.  It wasn’t long before word got out and I became the unofficial family photographer of the slum.  I couldn’t walk through the slum without being swamped by people, young and old, who wanted their picture taken.  Within a few weeks I had printed and handed out nearly two hundred photos.


This is a collection of some of my favorites. (CLICK HERE TO BE BROUGHT TO THE SLIDESHOW)

The organization I worked for is called PETE (Providing Education to Everyone) India.  To learn more about them and how you can help with their projects you can visit their website or email Shiva, the director at



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