Homework and Cereal cups….Another kind of Adventure

I got an email the other day from my sister-in-law who reads my blog. She felt inspired to email me her own “Jordan-style blog post” to update me on what’s going on in her suburban life raising two children. I loved it so much I asked her if she would let me post it here. So this is a special guest blog post written by Mia Jones coming straight from the wilds of a Las Vegas suburb.

I last left you in the plushness of my new down  comforter, a gift from my husband who I knew purchased it for himself as much as he purchased it for me.    Early alarms sounded as the still-dark morning graced its presence around our abode.   Our dwelling, an ancient white stucco with unique tile roof, wasn’t the newest or fanciest in town, but it suited us just fine. The minute I walked in, I felt the hours of video game playing, homework struggles, screaming and wrestling that would take place in the common areas. It would never be quiet here, but who wants quiet.

I turned off my alarm on my now-antique IPhone 8 and stumbled to the bathroom.  Sorry Burley, that dog always gets an early morning trample from me.   The toilet was a cold porcelain with no lights- my husband hadn’t changed the light bulb in days and I had to guess when wiping.  Always an adventure.

The toilet….fully illuminated

My next task was to get the children out of bed. Even the difference in age couldn’t keep them from sharing their desire to NEVER wake up for school.  It always began with the sweet good-morning-Mommy voice and ended 15 min later with threats.  What isn’t commonly known is the usefulness of threats.  Many people have heard of the power of positivity, but let’s not underestimate the power of stripping blankets to the floor and screaming about missing recess and no time for foods.  Some days, chants of “I swear to god” and “Stop Arguing and just get dressed” would echo through the bare stucco walls.  Just as the ancestors used to do.

The Laundry Mountain I have to climb almost every morning.  There was one day I almost didn’t make it

On Jan 6, we headed out to start our new semester of learning, a new decade, they said.   We had celebrated the end of the decade in the same place we had started, years full of driving and walking and the occasional jog.   Here is a GPS of our travels:

As we walked out the door for the first time, wonders anew and abound, we clutched our generic vanilla coffee and cereal cups, a stellar tip I learned from a Mommys group back in 2004.  (For those who don’t know, a cereal cup is a large plastic cup filled with cereal and milk, as opposed to a primitive bowl that can spill and is need of a spoon.) The groans of excitement are still audible & and we await our next adventure, uh, morning, with feverous apprehension.And if you want to track my movements, you can pretty much find me in the same four places around Summerlin.  No need to click anything.   Or just text me.


I just want to say that although I do lead an adventurous life, I have massive respect for the adventure of raising kids. In its way it is MUCH more adventurous than anything I do! Thanks Mia 🙂

So I don’t have time to write another update about Cape Verde because…..drumroll.  Well, I’ll just leave you once again with this link to track my location. (I wrote this post on Jan. 21st and set it to go live on the 23rd.) [Thanks Scott, and Happy Birthday 🙂]

See you on the other side of the pond!


One thought on “Homework and Cereal cups….Another kind of Adventure

  1. Wow! That’s like a beginning of a novel! Brilliant writing. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Cape Town 😉

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